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The seventh manifestation of the Hindu god Vishnu is Lord Rama, born to King Dashratha and Queen Kaushalya (as told in the Ramayan). His conquests include the killing of the demon king Ravana, which is described in the Ramayana.



The epic Ramayana tells the story of Rama, an exiled prince of Ayodhya. His wife Sita and brother Lakshmana lived in the forest with him while in exile. In order to abduct Sita, Ravan devised a plan. In the absence of Rama and Lakshman, Ravana disguised himself as a holy man and visited the hermitage of Rama and Sita. Sita was kidnapped by him and brought to his kingdom, Lanka.


Rama was devastated when he returned to his forest cottage and discovered Sita had disappeared. In order to locate Sita and wage war against Ravana's kingdom, he enlisted Hanuman, Sugriva, and other vanaras.


In the wake of finding Sita in Lanka, Rama travelled there with an army to destroy Ravana's palace. The battle between Rama and the demons ended with Rama's victory.



The day of Dussehra commemorates Rama's victory over Ravana and the conquest of Lanka by Rama. On this day, Hindus construct a large Ravana effigy out of wood, straw, or other flammable materials and set it on fire. Cultural dances and plays frequently focus on the conflict between Rama and Ravana in order to portray the epic Ramayana, the life narrative of Lord Rama. Thus, the festival of Diwali honours Lord Rama's triumph over the evil King Ravana and marked the end of his 14-year Vanvas (exile) from his country of Ayodhya.



The beautiful handcrafted painting heritage of Pattachitra from West Bengal and Odisha is brought to you in this 500-piece puzzle from Aurva which illustrates the grand coronation of Lord Rama as the eminent central piece. As you unravel this portrayal, join us in celebrating these events, from Rama's conception to his triumph over Ravana!



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