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Bharatanatyam Dancer South India Aurva 500 piece Jigsaw puzzle  

Marjorie from Paris, is a former curator for books, tea, as well as designer products, especially illustrated postcards, notebooks, prints. She rediscovered  her childhood joy of solving puzzles during the lockdown. She discovers and shares beautiful, modern puzzles from across the globe. This series of reviews are shared from her Instagram page, @gorgeouspuzzles


It's not in India that I visited my first Hindu temple or seen my first Bharatanatyam performance... But in Singapore, where I was lucky to study for one year. I remember being in awe with the colors, intricate architecture and devout atmosphere of the temples, and how I was moved by the delicateness and the precision of the dancer's movements, even though I couldn't understand their meaning.


That's why I was quite excited when I discovered these puzzles by Aurva, it brought so many memories to my mind ! Aurva was created by Revathi, an Indian architect who's lived in Europe and traveled all around the globe for the last 10 years, while still having a deep connection to her culture and roots. That's how she got the idea to design products like wall posters and jigsaw puzzles, that celebrate South-Indian arts and traditions but with a contemporary aesthetics.
And here I am with two puzzles that are dedicated to the exact two things that made me discover Indian culture years ago, how fortunate I am ? 😊
The square boxes, smaller than the usual puzzle boxes, are kinda cute : the fact that there was no plastic bag, and that I discovered a box filled to the top with puzzle pieces when I opened it, sort of reminded me of a chocolate box 😄 I also liked the explanation about the company's mission, which aims to make people learn about culture on top of the puzzling experience (see the second picture).

And even though it's "only" 500 pieces, I think the Gopura puzzle will be quite a challenge with all its details 😅 There's a QR code on the box, to scan if one wants to see the hi-res image to get some help, but I'll try to do the puzzle without it #yolo 🤣 I already have a strategy in mind, so let's see how I would have managed once I have done the puzzle 🙃
Aurva is a very, very new brand (they just launched at the beginning of August !), so I feel fortunate to be among the first people to try and review their puzzles 😊
Don't hesitate to check their Instagram @aurva.in !
*Puzzles kindly gifted by Aurva 🙂

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