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Our Journey

Living in Europe and travelling across the globe over the last 10 years, life has indeed changed manifold. We’ve transitioned to calling ourselves global citizens. Yet, no day passes by without fondly reminiscing our life i India. The aroma of freshly brewed filter coffee and the taste of the spicy Avakkais and Gonghuras; Amma’s gold jari’d Mundu contrasting with Appa’s brightly checked lungi; the intricate details of the Yakshagana mask on the wall and the simple rice flour kolam at the door; the joyful debates with the khaki-clad auto Anna and the spicy discussions with the ever smiling Akka selling flowers at the temple; the thunderous early morning star-studded show on Diwali and the bustling food streets during Ramzan; we can go on and on. Glimpses of these thoughts still gives us goose bumps and rekindles a deep sense of belonging.

India has retained a distinct identity of its own, framed by histories that have existed for eons. Evidence indicates life and society from even Palaeolithic ages! Over hundreds of centuries and the rule of over thirty dynasties; the different states of India have rich and diverse antecedents. These have amalgamated over the years, forming a multitude of everyday practices, cultural traditions and resplendent artistry. We observe that this collective knowledge has been diluted and is slowly disappearing with the advent of the singular global internet culture. We believe that conceiving modern and alternative perspectives of our heritage and practices shall make them more relevant to the coming generations.

The everyday nostalgia of India and the longing to make our traditions relevant, led to the birth of Aurva.

Aurva, meaning that which relates to the earth, is our journey in reviving our roots and keeping our practices relevant through time. We integrate lifestyle, tradition, craft and culture, into innovative products to suit the contemporary world and modern lifestyles. At Aurva, we wish to engage our forthcoming generations with our heritage and practices, meaningfully. We unify articulate artisanship, contemporary design and technological skill, in bringing to you the Soul of India.
Legal Company Information:
Aurva Designs
Registered in The Netherlands
KvK Number: 68375573
Bottelaarstraat 14, 3071JD, Rotterdam


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