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Gopuram - The most famed feature in the Dravidian style of temple architecture

The southern state of Tamil Nadu is famous for its temples which abound throughout this culture-rich land. Many of the temples in the South are rich in mythology and history that go back many centuries to...

PATTACHITRA- The Traditional Art of an Eastern Indian State: Odisha

The Pattachitra style of painting is one of the most traditional and well-known forms of art, and it is mostly practiced in West Bengal and Odisha. During the prehistoric and medieval periods, Odisha was known as Utkala which means the "land of excellence in art and ...

Lord Rama's victory over Ravana

The day of Dussehra commemorates Rama's victory over Ravana and the conquest of Lanka by Rama. On this day, Hindus construct a large Ravana effigy out of wood, straw, or other flammable materials and set it on fire. The festival of Diwali honours Lord Rama's triumph over the evil King Ravana and marked the end of his 14-year ...

Diwali - The festival of lights

Deepavali festival is celebrated for 5 days. The first day of this five-day festival is Dhanteras, which welcomes and celebrates luck, money, and prosperity. To ward off bad luck and bring in wealth and success, individuals purchase jewelry and household items on Dhanteras and followed by...

The 6 most famous Hanuman temples in India

Hanuman is a Hindu god who serves as Lord Rama's divine companion and devotee. In addition to appearing in the Mahabharata and Puranas, he is one of the central characters in the epic Ramayana. Across the globe, devotees worship this multifaceted and powerful god...

History and Significance of the 9 days of Navratri

Navratri is one of the most cherished Hindu holidays in India. It’s celebrated every year in honour of the Mother Goddess Durga. Navratri originates from the Sanskrit words Nava and Ratri, which mean nine and night. The 9 days of Navaratri Festival symbolises ...

All you need to know about the dance form - "Garba"

"Garba" is derived from a Sanskrit word known as Garbha, which means "womb,".  The female aspect of divinity, Durga, is thus honoured by the dancers.The Gujarati ceremonial performance known as the Garba dance, whose traditions stretch back at least to the 15th century...

Lord Ganesha stories for children that are filled with morals

From how Lord Ganesha got his head to the interesting story of the missing conch, this blog iterates popular stories and the morals that children can learn from Lord Ganesha...

Shipping to USA, Singapore, Malaysia in 2021

We launched Aura in August 2020 in Europe. With lot of love and request from customers,  we have been working to expand delivery to more countries over the last year.  We are very happy to share that this Diwali, we are excited to deliver beautiful Indian cultural puzzles to your door steps in USA, Singapore, Malaysia and Europe. 

Discovering Indian culture through Aurva puzzles - Review

It's not in India that I visited my first Hindu temple or seen my first Bharatanatyam performance... But in Singapore, where I was lucky to study for one year. I remember being in awe with the colors, intricate architecture and devout atmosphere of the temples, and how I was moved by the delicateness and the precision of the dancer's movements, even though I couldn't understand their meaning.


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