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Our Values


Every product of Aurva, is an ode to the customs, traditions, and practices of India. We are rooted in essence and respond with elegance.


All our products are tasteful transitions of tradition - respectful of histories and artisanship and mindful of relevance and user needs. We stand at the crux of context on either side.


Design and innovation is our core value. We craft contemporary products born out of nostalgia and lore. We strive and contrive to give you comfort, identity, reflection and belonging.


Aurva puzzles are definitely one of a kind. All of us are hooked onto it as a family. We love the Indian-ness of the illustrations and the attractive colours! My 3-yr old loves solving these puzzles at least thrice a day! :) Looking forward to more wonderful puzzles from you guys. Keep up the brilliant work!

shruthi omprakash

| Chennai

Narthaki - The Danseuse 500 piece Jigsaw Puzzle. I solved this puzzle with my non-Indian mother-in-law and it was a super fun way to tell her all about Bharatnatyam! It's a very beautiful image and not too challenging. We basically just couldn't take a break from doing it!


| United Kingdom

Aurva  products are high quality. I love the fact that they represent the South Indian culture so beautifully. The products are posh and look great in our living room.


| Bangalore

My kids loved solving the puzzles while listening to stories from India. I wish I could buy all stuff in here. I would recommend Aurva for all of you.

Paul Wilson

| Rotterdam

Proud owner of the Kolam puzzle. A tough but satisfying jigsaw that packed a nostalgic punch. I was instantly reminded of my grandmother's Kolam patterns — the mesmerizing way in which she'd create a pattern around the dots. A seemingly "simple" construction around a bunch of dots leading to sublime patterns when finally complete — that's the beauty of a Kolam. And in this case, the puzzle gave me the joy of creating a brilliant Kolam pattern with the satisfaction of completing a jigsaw puzzle :) Keep up the great work of blending culture, art and tradition, and keeping them accessible in the 21st century!


| The Hague

Aurva has unique designs in kids puzzles, also the story's that is accompanied with it makes my son very curious. We played it a lot during corona time.

Wenika Soebhag

| Rotterdam

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